Budding Entrepreneurs Save Effort And Money

I tried launching website(s) so many times and was unsuccessful most of the times.. These are the couple of things which always dragged me and made me slow:

  • Trying to make a huge product before launching it.
  •  Repeated development efforts for authentication and authorization services.

You might have read a lot on the first point I made. I think we should talk about the second point now as it is not often discussed.

It is always good to have a service which handles your credentials securely. Yes! I am talking about identity management service or single sign-on service or Auth As A Service. I think that we should make a good use of all those tools out there, especially if they are free. A huge example of a successful auth service is OAuth. A lot of websites/services have started using OAuth as a platform for their auth needs. There is another very easy to use website called www.customauth.com which provides Auth as a Service. It has a very simple to use API which allows you to set up your admin account very easily. Then you can start adding users under your account.  Good news for developers is that all of this can be done via an API. So, you can build your own website and need not worry about credentials handling/management.

Another great feature which www.customauth.com recently introduced is the integration with LinkedIn. Yes, you can connect your LinkedIn account by using CustomAuth’s very simple dashboard via LinkedIn’s browser login. So, there’s no worrying about someone getting your username and password. You can also not use dashboard and instead just authenticate yourself and provide CustomAuth with your LinkedIn’s access token via CustomAuth’s LinkedIn API resource. Once you authenticate/authorize yourself using CustomAuth’s API, you get the list of all the other external API’s tokens(currently LinkedIn only) to which you have access.

CustomAuth is moving at a great pace and is working on integrating other services which use OAuth, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. They also have plans on integrating with Google’s new auth mechanism. Pretty cool huh? To me it really seems to be an umbrella API which manages your authorization to all other external APIs. You can also use this service as a Single Sign-On service.

I plan on using CustomAuth for all my auth requirements so that I can save my time, money and development efforts. Hope you guys check it out too.

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Good luck with your startups and ventures.